Who likes seeing metallic, completely artificial landscapes, with no traces of green? Roaming in the silent rusted ruins of long gone societies? Imagining a future so far that humanity has forgotten its shape, even its own name?

Well, I certainly do. From this and from my fixation with Nihei’s Blame! Wormworld was born. It’s mixed blend of cyberpunk-flavoured science fiction, Bildungsroman and dystopian novel, all served in a tall glass with some mint and post-apoc leaves.

There’s a common question in science fiction – from Asimov to the modern day. Will AIs ever rebel against us?

Truth to be told, this has become staler than months-old bread, yet a science fiction writer has to deal with it. In Wormworld, I pushed the clock so far into the future that the answer no longer matters. Maybe they did rebel, maybe they didn’t; it already happened. Between nanomachines, GOV-As, Sins, Reconstructors and serfdrones, biologic life is a minority in Wormworld.

However, the border between what is human and what only seems like human is still thin.

That said, I’m certain that I bored you enough, but I hope you’ll come back to be bored again. The first Wormworld’s book, friendly called WWI (yea, I do get a lot of war jokes) is currently at its sixth draft,. Curious enough? You can read the prologue here:

Until then,

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