Who am I?

I could be anyone.

A big man in a small world or a small man in a meager world. A knight sent on an expedition to Mars. A nanomechanics researcher on a the corporations’ payroll. A demon and a westerner in a foreign land.

As far as this blog goes, I’m M: a wannabe writer. My favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy (better if it’s of the weird or slipstream kind), horror, magical realism (Murakami-like), and satirical, taking from writers as Stefano Benni, Chuck Palahniuk and when the gods are good, Charles Bukowski.

Favorite pastime: capturing castles.

In here you’ll find short stories, drafts from my ongoing novels, news on my published stuff and some probably unwanted opinions every now and then. My writing heart is divided between Italian and English, but if you’re reading this page, you should be on the latter version of the site.

With affection (just a little tho)